understanding the viability of e-mail origin indicators for identifying the sender

enze liu, lu sun, alex bellon, grant ho, stefan savage, geoffrey m. voelker, imani n. s. munyaka. SOUPS 2023

hacking for fun and glucose: reverse engineering an insulin pump

alex bellon, alex snoeren, deian stefan. SRC TECHCON 2022

demos and posters

demo: tagalong: a free, wide-area data-muling service built on the airtag protocol

alex bellon, alex yen, pat pannuto. SenSys 2022

writeups and articles

the impact of maintainers on package ecosystem security

alex bellon. mozilla internship project blog post

cptc report 2020

alex bellon, nathan huckleberry, emma reuter, soham roy. pentesting report for CPTC southeast regional 2020

cptc report 2019

neil patil, alex bellon, nathan huckleberry, emma reuter, logan kirkpatrick, joseph manahan. pentesting report for CPTC new england regional 2019


alex bellon. article in Paged Out! zine

ctf challenge writeups

alex bellon. writeups for challenges I have completed while compething in ctfs. too many to post here individually :)