The systems and networking group at UCSD engages in a wide range of experimental and theoretical research. Our current projects span fault-tolerant networks and systems, high-speed router design, storage system design, network measurement and traffic analysis, peer-to-peer system design, network security, mobile code architectures, high-performance cluster computing, and wireless networking. Our group consists of eight core faculty, five affiliated faculty (in a broad range of areas including security, machine learning and programming languages) and over 50 graduate students and research staff.

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Joseph Pasquale
George Porter
Stefan Savage
Aaron Schulman
Alex C. Snoeren
Geoffrey M. Voelker
Yuanyuan Zhou
Scientists and Postdocs
Kirill Levchenko
William M. Mellette
Ken Yocum
Affiliated Faculty
Dinesh Bharadia (ECE)
kc claffy (CAIDA)
Ranjit Jhala
Sorin Lerner
George Papen (ECE)
Lawrence Saul
Hovav Shacham
Deian Stefan
Steve Swanson
Tajana Šimunić Rosing
Research Staff
Brian Kantor
Cindy Moore
PhD Students
Gautam Akiwate
Lixiang Ao
Nishant Bhaskar
Sunjay Cauligi
Sam Crow
Rajdeep Das
Joe DeBlasio
Louis DeKoven
Brown Farinholt
Alex Forencich
Alex Gamero-Garrido
Brian Johannesmeyer
Moein Khazraee
Guo "Vector" Li
Rob McGuinness
Ariana Mirian
Arjun Roy
Bingyu Shen
Gary Soeller
Shelby Thomas
Shu-Ting Wang
Yudong Wu
Chengcheng Xiang
Zhaomo Yang
MS Students
Nadah Feteih
Liz Izhikevich
Rohit Kulkarni
Administrative Staff
Jennifer Folkestad
Recent Alumni
Tianyin Xu (Ph.D. 2017) University of Illinois
Danny Huang (Ph.D. 2017) Princeton (postdoc)
Xinxin Jin (Ph.D. 2017) Whova
Karl Koscher (Postdoc 2014–2016) University of Washington
Karyn Benson (Ph.D. 2016) Akamai
Peng Huang (Ph.D. 2016) MSR (Postdoc)Johns Hopkins University
Wilson Lian (Ph.D. 2016) Google
Neha Chachra (Ph.D. 2015) Facebook
Rishan Chen (2015) Whova
Mike Conley (Ph.D. 2015) Google
Matthew Der (Ph.D. 2015)
Tristan Halvorson (Ph.D. 2015)Google
Rishi Kapoor (Ph.D. 2015)Google
He Liu (Lonnie) (Ph.D. 2015)Google
Keaton Mowery (Ph.D. 2015)Apple
Malveeka Tewari (Ph.D. 2015)Google
Bhanu Vattikonda (Ph.D. 2015) Apple
Jing Zheng (2015) Oracle
Karthik Balasubramaniam (M.S. 2017) Amazon
Rahul Bhalerao (M.S. 2016) Amazon
Benjamin Braun (M.S. 2016) Facebook
Jacob Maskiewicz (M.S. 2016) Facebook
Liqiong Yang (M.S. 2016) Google
Gautam Akiwate (M.S. 2015) PureStorageUCSD Ph.D. program
Tao Cai (M.S. 2015) LinkedIn
Ian Foster (M.S. 2015) Salesforce
Mohit Kothari (M.S. 2015) Groupon
Sen Zhang (M.S. 2015) Google

Kathy Krane (CNS MSO 2008-2015) South County Center for Change

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Recent News

Geoff Voelker December 14— Today Geoff Voelker was named an ACM Fellow for his "contributions to empirical measurement and analysis in systems, networking in security" which basically is a fancy way of saying that he is really good at figuring stuff out instead of just BSing.

Stefan Savage October 10— Today Stefan became a MacArthur Fellow! One of "24 Extraordinarily Creative People Who Inspire Us All", the MacArthur Foundation recognized Stefan for "identifying and addressing the technological, economic, and social vulnerabilities underlying internet security challenges and cybercrime." Clearly, there is only one word to sum it all up: Genius!

May 2— Congratulations to XinXin Jin, who successfully defended her dissertation today on "Tooling and Language Support for Robust and Easy Network Programming of Mobile Applications"! XinXin has been working at Whova, and now will be devoting her full-time attention there. XinXin Jin
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Recent Publications

Tracking Ransomware End-to-end, Danny Yuxing Huang, Maxwell Matthaios Aliapoulios, Vector Guo Li, Luca Invernizzi, Elie Bursztein, Kylie McRoberts, Jonathan Levin, Kirill Levchenko, Alex C. Snoeren, and Damon McCoy, Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, San Francisco, CA, May 2018.

Measuring Profitability of Alternative Crypto-currencies, Danny Yuxing Huang, Kirill Levchenko, and Alex C. Snoeren, Proceedings of the International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC), Nieuwpoort, Curacao, February 2018.

Passive Realtime Datacenter Fault Detection and Localization, Arjun Roy, Hongyi Zeng, Jasmeet Bagga, and Alex C. Snoeren, USENIX ;login: 42(3), 2017.

Quantifying the Pressure of Legal Risks on Third-party Vulnerability Research, Alex Gamero-Garrido, Stefan Savage, Kirill Levchenko, and Alex C. Snoeren, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Dallas, Texas, November 2017.

Tripwire: Inferring Internet Site Compromise, Joe DeBlasio, Stefan Savage, Geoffrey M. Voelker, and Alex C. Snoeren, Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference, London, UK, November 2017.

Exploring the Dynamics of Search Advertiser Fraud, Joe DeBlasio, Saikat Guha, Geoffrey M. Voelker, and Alex C. Snoeren, Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference, London, UK, November 2017.

PacketLab: A Universal Measurement Endpoint Interface, Kirill Levchenko, Amogh Dhamdhere, Bradley Huffaker, kc claffy, Mark Allman, and Vern Paxson, Proceedings of the ACM Internet Measurement Conference, London, UK, November 2017.

RotorNet: A Scalable, Low-complexity, Optical Datacenter Network, William M. Mellette, Rob McGuinness, Arjun Roy, Alex Forencich, George Papen, Alex C. Snoeren, and George Porter, Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM Conference, Los Angeles, California, August 2017.

Backpage and Bitcoin: Uncovering Human Traffickers, Rebecca S. Portnoff, Danny Yuxing Huang, Periwinkle Doerfler, Sadia Afroz, and Damon McCoy, Proceedings of the ACM SIGKDD Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, August 2017.

Prime+Abort: A Timer-Free High-Precision L3 Cache Attack using Intel TSX, Craig Disselkoen, David Kohlbrenner, Leo Porter, and Dean Tullsen, Proceedings of the USENIX Security Symposium, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 2017.

On the Effectiveness of Mitigations against Floating-point Timing channels, David Kohlbrenner and Hovav Shacham, Proceedings of the USENIX Security Symposium, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 2017.

Dead Store Elimination (Still) Considered Harmful, Zhaomo Yang, Brian Johannesmeyer, Anders Trier Olesen, Sorin Lerner, and Kirill Levchenko, Proceedings of the USENIX Security Symposium, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 2017.

Malicious Browser Extensions at Scale: Bridging the Observability Gap between Web Site and Browser, Louis F. DeKoven, Stefan Savage, Geoffrey M. Voelker, and Nektarios Lentiadis, Proceedings of Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test (CSET), August 2017.

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