Vacha Dave

Security and Cryptography Research Group at UCSD
Address: 9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0404, La Jolla CA 92093 0404
Office: EBU3B 3132 , Email: vacha at cs dot ucsd dot edu


Research Interests

I enjoy Computer Networks. I have dabbled in diverse areas like Wireless networks, Privacy in Mobile Networks, Recommendation systems in Social Networks, Botnets, to name a few.

I began my PhD work, looking at the problem of link prediction at a massive scale in social networks, followed by how to discover friends in a privacy-preserving manner in mobile social networks. Finally, I worked on the general problem of analysis of social network graph at scale.

Currently, I am focusing at the problem of click-spam in ad networks. Here is click-spam data that I collected over Dec 2011 - June 2012.



I have been the teaching assistant for From Fall 2006-2007, I was supported by the MCD Fellowship.


Measuring and fingerprinting click-spam talk: A work that shows that its possible to estimate the amount of click-spam in an ad network, as an advertiser, and shows that mobile and social ad networks have high spam. Also detects several ongoing attacks.

Wireless Networks Project (EE382V) Presentation: An NS2 study which shows that transmitting at the highest data rate in a linear chain 802.11 Network does not always result in the highest throughput.

NS2 Tutorial Presentation : An introductory presentation to NS2, with three example scripts, that I gave as the TA for the Advanced Computer Networks (CS378) class.

Other Stuff

Code Snippets and Utilities Some code snippets and utilities, that I have picked up, as part of work.