package manager security

my final presentation for my mozilla internship, where i investigated the human element of programming language package compromises.

what is a ctf?

a brief overview of what a capture the flag competition is, how it works, how it's scored, and what kind of challenges you'll likely see.


a brief introduction to the "forensics" category of ctf challenges. mainly focusing on file formats.

personal security

a walkthrough of best practices (at the time of presentation :) ) for keeping yourself and your information safe.


a deeper dive into a specific "forensics" topic, in which you hide data in other data without making it obvious that you have hidden any data at all.

[acm cs101] advanced linux

a sequel to "intro to linux", this talk discusses more advanced commands and concepts you'll encounter using linux day to day.

[acm cs101] coding tools and programs

tools and programs that can make your coding experience much less painful :).

[acm cs101] git and version control

a brief rundown on the basics of version control (and specifically git), focusing on the most commonly used commands and operations.

[acm cs101] intro to linux

a crash course on using linux to perform your day to day tasks, discussing basic commands and relevant topics.

[acm cs101] ssh and sftp

a brief overview of what ssh/sftp are, and how to use them to move around your files and interact with remote machines.

web workshop

a tutorial for setting up a basic website using premade templates.