19th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles

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The technical sessions of ACM SOSP 2003 were broadcast live over the Internet. The video archive is archived temporarily by the Carnegie Mellon University End System Multicast (ESM) Research Project. Eventually, these videos will be made a part of the ACM digital library.

Statistics about the participation in the web broadcast are also available from ESM group. For more information about ESM, please visit http://esm.cs.cmu.edu/

Videos on this page are (c) 2003 Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Requests for permission to reuse portions of this video production should be directed to permissions@acm.org.

The video is in Quicktime format. To view the video, download the files to your local machine and then open them locally as this web server does not support real-time streaming.




Video (132MB)

Day 1 Session 1:
Safely Executing Untrusted Code
Good condition.
Video (123MB) Day 1 Session 2:
File and Storage Systems.
Has most of the 2nd talk. Missing the third talk.
Audio (rtpdump format, 41MB)
Video (rtpdump format, 468MB)
Day 1 Session 3:
Probing the Black Box
Missing the entire session.  The rtpdump file is available.  However, we do not know how to convert rtpdump file into a QT movie file.  Perhaps the best way now is to rtpplay the files to a local QT player.
Poster 1, 2 (no audio, 32MB)
Poster 3, 4 (31MB)
Day 1 Poster Session The first two poster presentations have no audio.  Our encoder does not have the microphone feed until poster 3.
Video (126MB) Day 2 Session 1:
Scheduling and Resource Allocation
All of day 2 recordings seem to suffer lip synchronization problem.  There is about 30-50 seconds different between audio and video.  We tried to correct it.  However, audio and video is still out of sync for up to 5 seconds, and the resulting file balloon to 10 times its original size. See here.
Video (122MB) Day 2 Session 2:
Virtual Machine Monitors
Video (107MB) Day 2 Session 3:
Making Operating Systems More Robust
Note: Bullet paper presentation is in this session to allow for judging of the student research competition. RacerX paper moved to Day 3.
Video (31MB) Day 2 Session 4:
Revising Old Friends
Note: Capriccio presentation was moved to Day 3 due to technical difficulties.
Good condition.
Video (111MB) Day 3 Invited Lecture:
Alfred Spector, IBM Research
Good condition.
Talk 1 (38MB)
Talk 2 (37MB)
Talk 3 (40MB)
Talk 4 (47MB)
Day 3 Session 1:
Overlay and Peer-to-Peer Networks
Note: Capriccio and RacerX are in this session. Bullet is in Day 2 Session 3.
Good condition.
Video (6.5MB) Day 3 Student Presentation Award Good condition.