UCSD CSE Holiday Party
Party Organization: Jennifer Folkestad for leading the organizing effort, and Syed Asad Ali, Anwaya Aras, Bharath Balaji, Neha Chachra, Matt Der, Brown Farinholt, Danny Huang, Xinxin Jin, Rishi Kapoor, Zach Meyer, Tianyin Xu, and Zhaomo Yang for taking care of many organizing tasks, and setup and cleanup at the party. Also thanks to Steve Hopper for advertising and the party music, and Brianna Castillo, Mieng Nguyen, and Dave Wargo for all the help with decorating the lobbies.


UCSD CSE Year in Review 2014
album Complete Album (Photos: Various)


Holiday Party 2014 (Potluck)
album Complete Album (Photos: Geoff Voelker)

CSE Holiday Party 2014
album Complete Album (Photos: Alex Matthews)



2014 CSE Skits
album Complete Album (Photos: Keita Funakawa)

Live Performance (All Skits)

Grad Skit: Fridge

Grad Skit: Party

Grad skit and video credits: Gautam Akiwate, Mario Alvarez, Marc Andrysco, Bharathan Balaji, Akshay Balsubramani, Alexander Bakst, Karyn Benson, Dimitar Bounov, Neha Chachra, Matt Der, Dead Dove, Nathan Heisey, Mohit Kothari, Vineet Pandey, Dustin Richmond, Valentin Robert, Arjun Roy, and Alex Snoeren's lunchbag.

Staff Skit Pop Medley (Standalone)

Staff skit credits:

Carla Velasquez: Producer, Director, Script Writer, Cinematographer, Lyricist, Film Editor, and Creative Consultant (!)

Intro — Counting Stars
Vocal: Jennifer
Deadlines — Habits
Vocal: Esra
Coffee — All of Me
Vocal: Brianna
Boot It Up — Hangover
Lyrics: Cheryl
Music Mixing/Editing: Glenn
Vocals: Dave, Ferdie, Glenn, Steve
Don Is Gone — Am I Wrong
Vocal: Cheryl and David
Move — Rude
Lyrics: Cheryl and David
Vocal: Cheryl and David
Open Space — Blank Space
Lyrics: Wendi, Jessica, Lynne, Bianca, Julie, Jane, Viera, Ivonne
Vocal: Susannah
Outro — Counting Stars
Vocal: Jennifer

Faculty Skit: Give Your Advisor What They've Always Been Waiting For...

Faculty Skit: Ranjit Jhala Performs "Grad School"