Undergraduate TA (CS349)

[Jan 2021 - May 2021] As a TA for CS349 Contemporary Issues in Computer Science, I graded assignments and held office hours for 40+ students.

Security Engineering Intern

[Summer 2020] As part of the Firefox Operations Security team, I worked on Dependency Observatory, a tool that allows developers to check how secure an NPM package is before using it in their project. I researched how vulnerable top packages in NPM, PyPI and Cargo are to attack, and used those findings to tweak the algorithm used to "score" packages' safety in Dependency Observatory. I worked with Python, k8s, Docker, Flask, and GraphQL.

Undergraduate TA (CS361)

[Dec 2018 - Dec 2019] As a TA for CS361 Intro to Security, I created and graded security-focused assignments for 80+ students, lectured on various topics in security like ​cryptography​ and ​forensics​, and held office hours every week. I also wrote and ran a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition that was used for the students' final exam last semester.

Security Analyst Intern

[Summer 2019] As part of the Enterprise Security team, I wrote programs in ​Python​ to automate validating the results from CASB scans. The programs conduct port scans and send GET/HEAD requests to cloud service instances, then export the results to a JSON file, Google Sheet and MySQL database. It also sent out emails to the owner of those accounts to share and explain the findings. I also created a dynamic warning page to place in front of non-approved websites as categorized by the firewall.

Code Sensei (Instructor)

[May 2018 - May 2019] Code Ninjas is an after school and summer program that teaches 7-14 year old children how to code. During the school year, students progress through "belts" on a 4 year curriculum path and during the summer we offer week long camps focusing on anything from Scratch to Minecraft to drones. As a "Code Sensei", I am in charge of teaching the children during class and camps.


[Jul 2016 - Jan 2018] American Robotics Academy is a LEGO Robotics camp held during spring, summer and winter breaks for students ages 5-12. The students spend the week building robots and machines that fit into that week's theme. As an instructor, I am in charge of teaching the children how to build the robots, and keeping an eye on them during break times. I also help oversee check-in and check-out of students at the beginning and end of the day.

H.S. Aerospace Scholar

[Aug 2016] I participated in a program through NASA's JSC in which high school students are enrolled in a 4 month online course concerning all aspects of STEM. The students with the highest grades in the online course are invited to a week long internship program at NASA's JSC. I was one of the students who made it to the "on-site experience", where we worked in teams of 11 to plan a mission to Mars, including mocking up rovers, landers and other research vehicles.

Team Lead

[Sep 2014 - May 2017] In high school I was part of the FIRST Robotics Competition. On 'Team Air' 5667, I was part of the founding team and was the lead of the Marketing subteam. I was in charge of fundraising, sponsors, team social media and team apparel. On 'Texas Torque' 1477, I was part of the Mechanical and Machining subteam. I helped build the robot, and operated the metal lathe and CNC mills. In my senior year I was also the Social Media lead, in charge of the team website and social media.