Party Organization: Jennifer Folkestad for leading the organizing effort together with James Martinez and Geoff Voelker.

Gautam Akiwate, Joyce Bernardo, Nishant Bhaskar, Sunjay Cauligi, Qian (Jack) Chen, Michelle Ngo, Nicholas Urioste, and Wendy Yamamoto for taking care of many organizing tasks, and setup and cleanup at the party.

Johnny Nguyen, Alex Matthews, Anna Liza Smith, and Rueben Huerta at Calit2 for all the help with arranging the party and skits in Atkinson.

Samira Khazai and Dean Tullsen for Departmental Support.


UCSD CSE Year in Review 2018
Complete Album (Photos: Various including Nishant Bhaskar, Kamalika Chaudhuri, Ailie Fraser, Rajesh Gupta, Becky Hames, Michael James, Arun Kumar, Alex Matthews, Mia Minnes, Ariana Mirian, Steven Rick, Geoff Voelker)

Potluck and Skits

UCSD CSE Holiday Party 2018
Complete Album (Photos: Alex Matthews)

UCSD CSE Holiday Party Potluck 2018
Complete Album (Photos: Geoff Voelker)


Skit Videos

Live Performance (All Skits)

Live Performance Credits:

Grad Skit: Ariel Weingarten, Sunjay Cauligi, Andi Frank, Jess Sorrell, Ariana Mirian (live performance); Craig Disselkoen (operator).   [Script]

Faculty Skit: Julian McAuley, Stefan Savage, Deian Stefan, Dean Tullsen, Geoff Voelker (live performance); Stefan Savage (writing, slides)   [Script]   [Slides]

Staff Skit:

Family Feud Credits: Tierra Terrell (writer, director, co-producer), Jennifer Folkestad (co-producer), Caitlin Dempsey (props, acting), Kacy Cashatt (props, acting), Alina Aleaga (props), Quinn Tomlinson (props), Matthew Scott (props, acting, host), Alex Matthews (photography, editing), Hector Bracho (photography), Anna Smith (photography), Ruben Huerta (photography), Laura Louie (photography), Esra Hembrough (photography), David BareƱo (acting), Meaghan Kelliher (acting), Wendy Yamamoto (acting), Lacee Gonzalez (acting), Kevin Garrie (acting), Cynthia Sanchez (acting).

Alexa CSE Edition Credits: Jennifer Folkestad (director, writer, producer, props, photography, acting), Matthew Scott (writer, propos, acting), Becky Hames (writer), Caitlin Dempsey (graphics), Kristen Levy (props), Derek Emery (props), Cindy Moore (props), Laura Louie (photography), Esra Hembrough (photography) Alex Matthews (editing), John Eldon (acting), Stefan Savage (acting), Christine Alvarado (acting), Dean Tullsen (acting), Ailie Fraser (acting), Geoff Voelker (acting).

Grad Skit: Nobody Cheat (nobody gon' fail)

Credits: Nobody Speak by DJ Shadow ft. Run the Jewels (music), Ariana Mirian (lyrics, acting), Devon Merrill (lyrics, acting), Jess Sorrell (lyrics, acting), Andrew Leverentz (lyrics), Qinru Li (acting), Peter Edge (acting), Sharaddha Barke (acting), Laura Cu (acting), Vivek Arte (acting), Mark Schultz (acting), Kemal Berk Kocabagli (acting), Spoorthy Bhat (acting), Ujwal Bachiraju (acting), Sophia Krause-Levy (acting), Alex Macedo (acting), Max Hopkins (acting), Jiahao Sun (acting), Victor Li (filming), Sophia Sun (filming, editing).

Grad Skit: GLOW: Gorgeous Languages of Wrestling

Credits: Ariana Mirian (acting, writing), Anish Tondwalkar (acting, writing), David Justo (acting, writing, editing), Michael James (acting), Peter Edge (acting), Alex Sanchez Stern (acting), Peter Amidon (acting).

Grad Skit: Doctor Who: Choosing your path

Credits: Quentin Gautier (writing, acting, editing), Moein Khazraee (writing, acting), Natalie Popescu (acting), Danilo Gasques (acting), Sunjay Cauligi (acting), Aaron Schulman (acting), Peter Edge (acting), Shu-Ting Wang (acting), Rob McGuinness (acting), Maxwell Bland (acting), Peter Amidon (acting), Ben Du (acting), Yudong Wu (acting), Chengcheng Xiang (acting), Julaiti Alafate (acting), Mingyao Shen (acting), and thanks to Elbruz Ozen, Vasudev Patel, Michael Barrow, and Shravan Ravi Narayan.

Grad Skit: Design Eye for the Engineer Guy

Credits: Ariel Weingarten (acting), Valentin Robert (acting), Michael James (acting), Matt Kolosick (acting), Tristan Knoth (acting), Sander Valstar (acting), Sam Crow (video production), Jess Sorrell (advisor).

Faculty Skit: Nobody Speak (A Children of Lambda Style Production)

Credits: Nadia Polikarpova (lyrics, screenplay, acting, vocals, costume design and directing), Julian McAuley (lyrics, screenplay, acting, vocals), Deian Stefan (lyrics, screenplay, acting, vocals, audio and video editing), Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick (video recording), "Run to the Hills" — Iron Maiden, Reverse Needle Scratch —, Nobody Speak — DJ Shadow Feat, Run the Jewels

©2018 Geoffrey M. Voelker