Party Organization: Jennifer Folkestad for leading the organizing effort together with Kayla Jackson and Geoff Voelker.

Gautam Akiwate, Nishant Bhaskar, Bri Castillo, Sunjay Cauligi, Lacee Gonzalez, James Martinez, Leslye Santiago Jane Stork, Nicholas Urioste, and Wendy Yamamoto for taking care of many organizing tasks, and setup and cleanup at the party.

Johnny Nguyen, Alex Matthews, Hector Bracho, and Joel Polizzi at Calit2 for all the help with arranging the party and skits in Atkinson.

Samira Khazai and Dean Tullsen for Departmental Support.


UCSD CSE Year in Review 2017
Complete Album (Photos: Various including Nishant Bhaskar, Kamalika Chaudhuri, Ailie Fraser, Rajesh Gupta, Becky Hames, Ranjit Jhala, Sorin Lerner, Alex Matthews, Ariana Mirian, Nadyne Nawar, Margaret Ramaeker, Doug Ramsey, Geoff Voelker)

Potluck and Skits

CSE Holiday Party 2017
Complete Album (Photos: Alex Matthews)

UCSD CSE Holiday Party 2017
Complete Album (Photos: Nicholas Urioste)


Skit Videos

Live Performance (All Skits)


Grad Skit: John Renner, Andi Frank, Valentin Robert, Ariel Weingarten, Sunjay Cauligi, Tahiya Salam, Tristan Knoth (live performance); Evan Roncevich (professor character sheets); Guo "Vector" Li (aerial drone filming)

Faculty Skit: Arun Kumar, Kirill Levchenko, Julian McAuley, Joe Politz, Stefan Savage, Hovav Shacham, Geoff Voelker (live performance); Kirill Levchenko, Stefan Savage (writing, slides)

Grad Skit: Paper of Archimedes!

Credits: Nivetha Thiruverahan (script), Prafulla Pallal (direction, acting), Jeyavaishnavi Muralikumar (acting), Chandana TL (acting), Nikhil Yogendra Murali (acting), Devyani Kulkarni (acting), Nivetha Thiruverahan (acting)

Grad Skit: CSE Women Aerial Troupe

Credits: Ailie Fraser (acting, editing), Quentin Gautier (filming), Ariana Mirian (acting), Jess Sorrell (acting)

Grad Skit: Deadline's Coming

Credits: Dimitar Bounov (vocals, performance), Quentin Gautier (filming), Karl Koscher (editing), Ariana Mirian (lyrics, vocals, performance), Jess Sorrell (lyrics, vocals, performance).

Grad Skit: The Fellowship of the Thesis

Credits: Quentin Gautier (writing, acting, editing, filming), Moein Khazraee (acting, filming, writing), Ariel Weingarten (acting, filming), Liz Izhikevich (acting), Sunjay Cauligi (acting), Anish Tondwalkar (acting), Shravan Ravi Narayan (acting), Peter Amidon (acting), Geoff Voelker (acting), and many others as extras and to help filming.

Staff Skit: Mean Tweets, Breaking News, People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots

Credits: CSE Mean Tweets: Becky Hames (skit concept), CSE Staff (writing), Tierra Terrell (directing, writing, acting, editing), Jennifer Folkestad (directing, editing, lead coordinator), Nicholas Urioste (filming), Alex Matthews (film editing, sound mixing), David Bareño (props, acting), Matthew Scott (props, acting), Derek Emery (acting), Loretta Smith (acting), Julie Conner (acting), Ariel Weingarten (acting), Alex Snoeren (acting), Geoff Voelker (acting), Stefan Savage (writing, acting), Sorin Lerner, (acting).

CSE Breaking News: Becky Hames (skit concept, writing), Tierra Terrell (directing, acting, editing), Jennifer Folkestad (directing, editing, lead coordinator), Nicholas Urioste (filming, animation of Kevin deFreitas), Derek Emery (editing), Alex Matthews (film editing, sound mixing), Matthew Scott (acting, announcer voice), Dave Wargo (acting).

People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots (PETR): John Eldon (skit concept, writing, acting), Jennifer Folkestad (filming, directing, writing, lead coordinator), Tierra Terrell (video clips and music consultant, editing), Andrea Willis (PETR logo), Alex Matthews (film editing, sound mixing), Matthew Scott (announcer voice), Wendy Yamamoto (commercial announcer voice).

Margaret Ramaeker (recorded and summarized a dozen skit ideas from CSE staff so the staff could vote on the top two skit ideas).

Faculty Skit: Budget Nightmare (Savage World Episode 1)

Credits: Rachel Ainza (acting), David Bareño (acting), Stefan Savage (acting), Julian McAuley (narrating), Kirill Levchenko (writing, directing), Deian Stefan (editing)

Faculty Skit: Waiting for Deian (Savage World Episode 2)

Credits: Sunjay Cauligi (acting), Tristan Knoth (acting), Deian Stefan (acting, editing), Julian McAuley (narrating), Kirill Levchenko (writing, directing)

Faculty Skit: Triton Bytes (Savage World Episode 3)

Credits: Ariana Mirian (acting, writing), Stefan Savage (acting), Kirill Levchenko (writing, directing)

Faculty Skit: Nadia Polikarpova performing "Work Alone"

Credits: Nadia Polikarpova (lyrics, vocals, performance), Ranjit Jhala (backup vocals), Deian Stefan (performance, sound editing, collar), Kirill Levchenko (directing), Guo "Vector" Li (aerial drone filming), Karl Koscher (video & sound editing), shout out to George Porter (working)

©2017 Geoffrey M. Voelker