Party Organization: Jennifer Folkestad and Jo-Ann Hoye for leading the organizing effort, and Sahil Agarwal, Neha Chachra, Brown Farinholt, Joe Gnanasekaran, and George Porter for taking care of many organizing tasks, and setup and cleanup at the party. Also thanks to Matt Scott for all the help with decorating the lobbies.


UCSD CSE Year in Review 2015
Complete Album (Photos: Various)

Potluck and Skits

UCSD CSE Holiday Party 2015
Complete Album (Photos: Quentin Gautier, Anna Smith, Geoff Voelker)


Skit Videos

Live Performance (All Skits)

Grad Skit: Ivory Tower

Grad Skit: Groundbreaking

Grad Skit: Sorin

Grad Skit: Valgrindr

Grad Skit: Chez Bob

Staff Skit

Faculty Skit: Why Are You Here?

Faculty Skit: Ranjit Jhala Performs "Hello"

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