Party Organization Credits: Jennifer Folkestad, Neha Chachra, Matt Der, Nima Nikzad, and many other generous volunteers!

Potluck and Skit Pictures

Photo Credits: Julian Fessard, Jennifer Folkestad, Keaton Mowery, Geoff Voelker


Skit Videos and Slides

All Skits (Single Video) (59:56)

Video Filming and Editing Credits: Steve Hopper

All Skits as a Single Video (59:56)


Grad Skit (29:04)


Home Page vs. Facebook (Stefan vs. Grads) (2:16)

Patrick Verkaik Acceptance Speech (1:16)

Jacob Lyles Acceptance Speech (0:50)

Staff Skit (3:51)


Faculty Skit (21:65)


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