Marvin McNett, Ph.D.
Alumnus, University of California, San Diego
The University of California, San Diego


I am currently working as a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft in the Windows Azure storage group.


My research at UCSD focused on virtual machine scheduling and management for efficient resource utilization. I designed and implemented the Usher System. Usher is a virtual cluster management system which strives to multiplex virtual clusters on a given set of resources according to a prescibed policy. For more information, visit the Usher project web site.

I previously led the Wireless Topology Discovery (WTD) project. For more information, check the Wireless Topology Discovery project page.


Usher: An Extensible Framework for Managing Clusters of Virtual Machines, Marvin McNett, Diwaker Gupta, Amin Vahdat, and Geoffrey M. Voelker, 21st Large Installation System Administration Conference, (LISA 2007).

To Infinity and Beyond: Time-Warped Network Emulation, Diwaker Gupta, Kenneth Yocum, Marvin McNett, Alex C. Snoeren, Amin Vahdat, and Geoffrey M. Voelker, 3rd Symposium on Networked Systems Design & Implementation, (NSDI 2006).

Access and Mobility of Wireless PDA Users, Marvin McNett and Geoffrey M. Voelker, ACM Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R), Volume 9, Number 2, April 2005.

Geometric Integration of the Collisional N-Body Problem, Marvin McNett, Master's Thesis, Department of Mathematics, University of Kansas, July 1999.

Select Software

Usher. An extensible virtual machine management system. See the Usher Website for further information. Language: Python.

WTD. Wireless topology discovery collection software. This software runs on Windows CE PDAs and periodically samples, stores, and uploads signal strengths of all detected access points to a remote Firebird database. See the WTD page for further information. Language: C++.

gScat. Gravitational scattering simulator. A time-reversible, energy conserving simulator for the close approach 2-body problem. Smoothly switches between low and high order integrators during close approaches. Language: C++. Tags: N-body, geometric integration.

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