Curriculum Vitæ
Brian Kantor


BA 1986, University of California, San Diego Special Studies in Computer Graphics

Continuing education classes and self-study/interest in electronics, film/video production, photography, astronomy, geology, astronautics, law.


Core Competencies

Expert in Unix, the C language, server management and security, networking, with experience in Linux, MS-Windows, wireless and satellite communications, embedded microprocessors; Assembler, Basic, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Perl, Python and other languages; Digital Signal Processing, computer telephony, hardware design and troubleshooting, fundamental computer graphics algorithms, animation, film and television production, broadcasting. Working knowledge of basic accounting/bookkeeping. FCC licensed to install, maintain and operate all broadcast and commercial and broadcast radio systems. Experienced electronics technician and certified electronics assembler.



Research Analyst,
UCSD Department of Computer Science and Engineering



Principal Software Architect,
UCSD Office of Network Operations

Designed and implemented early electronic mail, Usenet news, host maintenance, and personnel systems. Supervised one full-time programmer and several part-time (student) assistants.


UCSD Academic Computing.

Scientific computing services user consultant and programmer. Systems administrator for early network services. Contributed to the Usenet and GNU communities.


National Science Foundation Deep Sea Drilling Project

Assisted in the development and refinement of computer models of physical stress analysis for ocean drilling.


Self-employed Consultant

As consultant for various firms, provided business software customization for specialized manufacturing, payroll, and accounting requirements on several platforms and operating systems.


Project Manager,
Interactive Incorporated, San Diego.

Responsible for taking the company's comprehensive MIS software product international in multiple languages and currencies. Supervised junior programmers on several projects.


Systems Analyst,
California Data Products, San Diego.

Software engineering support for system sales, also managed their timesharing service.


Electronic Design Specialist,
Manager of Data Processing,

Pride Electronics, San Diego.

Designed several of the company's secondary products for the Amateur Radio and CB markets.

Oversaw the conversion from manual paper accounting to computerisation; implemented the company's first computerised MIS: inventory control, job tracking, costing, BOM/MRP, payroll.

Professional Affiliations

Other interests

My hobbies include video/filmmaking, photography, travel, cats, camping, fishing, music, radio-controlled models, sport rocketry, ham radio, personal computing, stereo/hi-fi, swimming, and cooking.