News: we have released the traces in our SIGCOMM 2007 paper. Please click the trace link on the left.

Welcome to the wireless research page of UCSD Systems and Networking Group. We do research in 802.11 and Sensor-net protocols including large scale 802.11 network monitoring, hot-spots, denial of service attacks detection and prevention, MAC layer scheduling, fast hand-offs to support streaming applications etc. Please check our publications and software page on the left for more details.

We have deployed a large testbed (over 180 wireless radios) that covers the 1 million cube feet Computer Science and Engineering building (EBU3) in University of California San Diego. The testbed is used for both real traffic measurement and active wireless experiments. The deployment and the hardware/software details are on the left side links.

In addition to 24x7 monitoring CSE wireless, we also collaborate w/ CSEHELP to resolve the wireless problem tickets. If you are experiencing wireless problems, such like disconnections or bad performance inside CSE building, please use our ticket system on the left side.