UCSE CSE wireless traces


This is the 24 hour traces on Jan 11, 2007 using the Jigsaw monitoring testbed in the UCSD CSE building.

The traces are divided into two parts:

  1. Wired: the tcpdump trace at the gateway router that interfaces the campus giga-ether network and the CSE wireless VLAN. The format is gzipped tcpdump pcap.

  2. Wireless: the (merged) jigsaw traces collected using 192 sniffers in UCSD CSE building. The file is a series of jcap_hdr packets like the pcap_pkthdr packet format. We created our own header simply to save spaces.
The timestamps of both traces are synchronized (i.e. based on the same clock). The precision is ~10us.

The traces are sanitized. The last 3 octest of MAC addresses except 0:0:0 are anonymized but the OUIs are preserved. All IP addresses in IP header or payload are anonymized as well except the UCSD wireless subnet prefix (128.54.42/16, and private addresses. We do not preserv any other IP prefixes. Everything beyond TCP, UDP, and DHCP header is removed. Also we do not recompute the IP/TCP checksums.

Our CSE wireless network has 40 APs. Their locations are in labels.txt and .png files.


Please be careful that the wired packet and the wireles packets are not 1-to-1 match:

More info

The analysis is published in our SIGCOMM 2007 paper.