Wireless Traffic/Monitor Summary

Our monitoring system includes 1 wired monitor at the wireless Internet gateway and 180+ wireless sniffers. The gateway monitor mirrors the ethernet traffic that flows in/out in CSE wireless APs. But it does NOT receive any 802.11 traffic directly. The wireless sniffers collect any events that radios receives, including any 802.11 traffic and other events in the 2.4GHz spectrum (ex. microwave ovens). This implies the sniffers can catch wireless events in nearby area beside CSE building. The sniffer locations are shown below. Everyday Jigsaw synchronizes all the wireless sniffers traces and generates a global unified trace. Combining both wired-side and the unified wireless trace, we can perform many novel analysis. For further details, please go to our publications page.

Jigsaw Sniffers and CSE AP Locations


1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor