Jigsaw is a tool for analyzing wireless traffic across locations, channels, time, and protocol layers. It takes traces from multiple sniffers at distinct vantage points, identifies and synchronize the duplicate wireless frames in the traces, rebuild link layer and transport layer conversasions. This version also includes a madwifi driver patch that reduces the overhead of excessive logging of PHY and CRC error events. Jigsaw is available under GPL licence.

jigsaw-2.5.1.tar.gz - June 4, 2009


802.11-based networks only attempt a handoff when a client's service degrades to a point where connectivity is threatened. Worse, the overhead of scanning for nearby base stations is routinely over 250ms (during which incoming packets are dropped) far longer than what can be tolerated by highly interactive applications such as voice telephony. SyncScan is a low-cost technique for continuously tracking nearby base stations by synchronizing short listening periods at the client with periodic transmissions from each base station.

syncscan-1.0 - Feb 17, 2005

Wireless Research API (WRAPI)

WRAPI is a software library that allows applications running in user space on mobile end stations to query information about the IEEE 802.11 network they are attached to. WRAPI 1.0 is implemented on the Windows XP operating system and is a hardware-independent tool that works with any IEEE 802.11b wireless network hardware vendor.

WRAPI 2.0 - Oct 23, 2002


Linux patch for soekris net48xx temperature sensor.

linux-sensor-soekris-net48xx.tar.gz - Oct 14, 2006

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