Wireless Problem Report

As part of an ongoing research project by members of the Systems and Networking group, we are offering to diagnose and debug wireless connectivity and performance problems in the CSE building. Please use this page to let us know when you are actively experiencing problems with the wireless network. The easiest way to use this page is from the same laptop that is experiencing problems -- simply select the time range in which the problem occurred and enter any optional comments describing the kind of the problem you experienced. In this case our software will automatically determine your address. If it is impossible to use the laptop experiencing problems (e.g., because it can't connect at all to the network) you can use another computer, but we will need you to specifically identify your laptop's MAC address. Finally, you can optionally provide your e-mail address and we will try to contact you when we have diagnosed your problem. Detailed problem descriptions would greatly help the diagnose. I.e. "web connection to CNN is slow" or "SSH to csegrad is disconnected" are much better than "wireless sucks".

Please note, this service only applies to problems with the CSE 802.11 wireless network. We cannot help you with wired network problems, help install/fix wireless hardware/software or answer generic questions about wireless networking.

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*A MAC address is a 48bit value such as 00:09:5C:49:3A:B2 or 00-09-5C-49-3A-B2. To find your wireless MAC address:

Start -> Run -> type "cmd" to bring up a terminal window. In the terminal, type "ipconfig /all". Find the line "Ethernet Adapter Wireless Network Connection: " . The MAC address is in the "Physical Address " field.

In a terminal, type "ifconfig " and look for "HWaddr: ". If you don't know your wireless card interface, type "iwconfig" and it will list all network card interfaces. iwconfig shows some information for wireless interfaces.

Apple Menu->Location->Network Preferences... double-click "AirPort". MAC address is listed as "AirPort ID"

This service is being provided by members of the Systems and Networking research group within the Computer Science and Engineering department. We are coordinating with the department support staff (CSEHelp) but this service is not part of their official ticketing system. If you have follow up questions regarding your problem report or this service overall please email wifi-bugs@cs.ucsd.edu