Download WRAPI 2.0

We are in our beta test phase now. If you would like to try out this version of the release, download the following files:

Library files:
WRAPI.dll   WRAPI.lib   September 10, 2002.

Source files:   September 10, 2002.

Sample Application Source:
WrapiTest.cpp   September 30, 2002.

Step 1:   Download

Download the file, and extract it. It will create a directory called WRAPI into which it will copy all the source files.

Step 2:   Building WRAPI.dll from Sources

Create a Visual studio project with the source files and build it. Check that you have the following:

Step 3:   Using WRAPI.dll in Applications

If you wish not build WRAPI on your own, we have also provided you with WRAPI.dll and WRAPI.lib. You can download these into a directory of your choice and invoke the library in other applications. WrapiTest.cpp is a sample source file that invokes the most common WRAPI functions. Check that you have the following: