API Documentation for WRAPI

Below is a listing of some of the functions exported by the WRAPI software library (wrapi.dll). We will be adding more to this API as we continue to extend WRAPI's functionality.

WRAPI Functions Purpose


Enumerate the network devices in the system which NDISUIO can bind to


Binds NDISUIO to a particular NDIS miniport device


Queries the SSID of the wireless network to which the station is associated.


Sets the SSID to associate to a specific wireless network.


Queries the network for the MAC address of the access point that the station is associated to.


Queries the network for a list of all access points that are within radio range of the station.

WRAPI Datatypes


WRAPI_NDIS_DEVICE This structure stores the device name and device ID of the NDIS-compliant network device
DOT_11_CONFIGURATION This structure stores the radio configuration parameters of the 802.11 card (e.g. Beacon Period, ATIM window size, channel frequency , etc.)
DOT_11_STATS This structure describes all the packet-level statistics of the 802.11 interface
MAC_ADDR This datatype stores the 48-bit MAC address
SIG_STRENGTH Stores the value of signal strength
AP_DATA This structure stores the WLAN Base Service Set Identifier (BSSI) consisting of the MAC address and signal strength for each AP